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Obtaining The Social Security Disability Benefits You Deserve

At Roger R. Compton, Attorney At Law, we provide experienced and dedicated representation to people seeking Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. We understand that the inability to work due to disability can be an emotional, as well as a financial, burden. We deliver vigorous representation, and our people-oriented team is committed to making your difficult situation easier.

Seeking Social Security Disability Insurance

People who are unable to work due to a physical or mental disability may be entitled to SSDI. These benefits are awarded to individuals who cannot work for at least one year due to their disabilities. However, the process for applying can be complicated and lengthy. An experienced lawyer can help ensure that you have the required information to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

To be eligible for these benefits, a physical or mental disability must have prevented you from working for at least one year, or your disability will prevent you from working that long. If you succeed in your application, you receive monthly financial compensation. The amount you receive depends upon how much you have paid into the system previously.


Many people applying for Social Security Disability benefits are turned down the first time, but this is not the end. After an initial rejection for SSDI benefits, applicants can seek reconsideration of the decision. If rejected a second time, they can appeal the decision to an Administrative Law Judge. This process can be quite lengthy. We will help you get the information you need to strengthen your application.

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If you cannot work due to a physical or mental disability, contact our office. We offer free initial consultations, and we do not charge any fees unless we recover SSDI benefits for you.

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