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Obtaining Fair Child Custody And Visitation Resolutions

Concerns about how a divorce will affect the children involved and how much time parents will spend with their children are always a top priority in parents’ minds, and can lead to contentious disputes between parents. If you are involved in a child custody or visitation dispute, it is critical to have an experienced lawyer whom you trust to advocate for your best interests.

At the law firm of Roger R. Compton, Attorney At Law, we provide knowledgeable and experienced representation combined with personal attention to help you make informed decisions during your family law matter. We always focus on the best interests of our clients and their children.

Child Custody

We help clients understand the various types of child custody so they can determine what is best for their family. We help them understand the difference between legal custody and physical custody, and guide them through the process.

As soon as parents separate, they can request a temporary child custody order. While a couple may not be eligible to file for divorce yet, they can set the custody arrangement. A parent can receive a temporary custody and visitation order fairly quickly, but it takes some time to get a permanent order.

Military Divorce

While the law remains the same, child custody in military divorces involves unique circumstances. Relocation and deployment make these sensitive issues more difficult. At our law firm, we understand that your circumstances may make a child custody matter very complicated and emotionally challenging. We have the experience to handle your child custody matter competently and professionally, and we deliver personal attention to help put your mind at ease.


If circumstances change after a divorce, the custody arrangements made in the divorce order may no longer make sense. We help parents seeking child custody modifications after divorces are completed.

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We understand the stress involved in deciding upon a parenting plan or fighting for custody of your children. Our people-oriented team vigorously pursues our client’s interests in a firm that strives to put your mind at ease.

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